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    Should?’s black tech skin caring is an unprecedented subversion

    Technology changes life and subverts everywhere. Collagen and water can be effective in skin care from henceforth complex to simple, and still pure natural. Though unbelievable, it has come true! Yes, this is the magic of Should? "3D collagen skin care spray black technology to create new use of collagen, skin care and create new ideas.

    The active macromolecule collagen has a double skin care effect.

    First, it can form high quality aquifers and nourish skin. This is due to its unique three helix space structure, thus forming a large number of hydrophilic genes and network structure, which can effectively lock and maintain the necessary moisture of skin, and play the role of natural moisturizing factor. In addition, it can maintain the integrity of skin moisture and collagen fiber structure, improve the living environment and promote skin cell of skin tissue The new supersedes the old. and enhance blood circulation, nourishing the skin, to achieve the purpose of making the skin plump, narrow pores, wrinkles stretch, prevent aging. Secondly, it is a high quality natural anti ultraviolet material physical sunscreen, bang bang da. In recent years, due to environmental pollution, destruction of the ozone layer, ultraviolet radiation reaching the earth's surface number increased year by year, including the strongest ultraviolet energy, it has greatly accelerated the aging of the skin and the risk of cancer, so it has become an indispensable daily sunscreen skin care means. Natural anti ultraviolet materials have been explored by humans because of the great side effects of chemical synthesis of sunscreen substances on the skin. The amino acid composition and spatial structure of the active macromolecular collagen in the 3D active collagen skin spray have strong absorption ability to the strongest energy of short wave ultraviolet, and can become a natural anti ultraviolet material. Therefore, it will be highly respected.

    Simple but not simple,It is the reason of why Should?3D active collagen spray is very cool.

    Simple but not simple,It is the reason of why Should?3D active collagen spray is very cool.Hangzhou Sunstone Technology Co., Ltd., a national high-tech enterprise, has been committed to the development of minimally invasive surgical absorbable surgical consumables. In recent years, it has become a well-known industry dark horse. So far, the only patent product of minimally invasive surgical consumables "absorbable hemostasis and ligation clip" is originated from the company. The product has been highly respected and widely applied in the professional field, and its product technology is the first domestic product and is internationally leading. In addition, the research and development of the global "degradable intestinal anastomosis scaffold" has achieved a revolutionary change in intestinal anastomosis, which is now in clinical trial. Now, Sunstone technology has made some breakthroughs in the field of medical beauty and skin care. The new generation of pure natural face young, micro injection, "medical plastic collagen filler" has been successfully developed and has entered clinical trials.

    Today, although the collagen of collagen as everyone knows, but the actual efficacy of the product can have a scientific cognition, I am afraid of those little known well, now the science to be listed the world's first 3D active collagen skin spray product originality. The industry recognized that the efficacy of skin collagen, the molecular size and spatial structure of temperature of collagen is directly affect collagen biological activity, water swelling, recombination type, film and cause resistance to ultraviolet radiation ability, molecular size setting is accomplished through biological enzyme digestion and directional high-tech chemical methods. Up to now, there is no collagen skin care product with spatial structure in the world so far. Objectively speaking, collagen products usually have no skin protection effect directly caused by collagen. Therefore, to develop more efficient, safer and more green collagen skin care products has become the industry goal now, stone technology using high-tech means has its realization the original collagen molecules with spatial structure, its moisturizing, anti UV effect is based on the complete structure and biological activity on the basis of. The macromolecular collagen is easily denatured at normal temperature, and the spatial structure is easily destroyed. The permeability and anti UV ability of the skin are greatly weakened. Therefore, in order to better play the skin care function of the macromolecule collagen, the product needs to be stored in cold storage.

    The heart is rippling and full of expectation, I am afraid it is unavoidable.

    At the moment, it is Should?"3D Du Shan active collagen skin spray" Raiders use spoilers have is logical. "Spray sprinkled on the face and neck several times a day, and spray the body and limbs after bathing." After using the water can quickly be absorbed, and the skin surface to form a protective film of pure water, quickly, not greasy, can replace the body lotion... ""... Here is the key products in addition to a large proportion of the activity of collagen molecules, but also with a certain proportion with the efficacy of percutaneous absorption of small molecular collagen skin deep recharge, the continued use of the one cycle after the skin (about 28 days), which will be stunning.allergic skin can be used".

    Now, only the scientific use of collagen, in order to achieve the real purpose of skin care, Sunstone aims to build a high-tech, pure natural, fully functional and efficient absorption of new collagen skin care products, dear friends, don't worry, you will have Should?, let us count down!

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