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    Alligaclip? Absorbable Ligating Clip for Laparoscopic Surgery

    Optimized inner layer material

    Alligaclip? inner layer adopts medical polymer "poly-dioxanone" (PDO),
    Compared with the inner clip of the imported double-layer absorbable clip, its softness is improved.
    The material has also been made into a variety of medical devices and is widely used in clinical practice.

    Flexible and hydrophilic

    The raw material of the inner layer is preferably poly-dioxanone, which has good hydrophilicity and softness.
    No acute angle to cause blood vessels damage or other tissue hazards, and the degradation rate is consistent with the outer layer.

    Introduce two-color design concept

    The inner and outer layers are designed in two colors, which are distinct. In actual use, the effect of clamping of the inner and outer layer is clear at a glance, avoiding misjudgment.

    Easy identification of inner and outer layers

    The inner and outer layers holder for double color design, quite distinct from each other.
    The actual use of the inner and outer sandwich clips to clamp the tube cavity is clear and avoid error judgment.

    Packaging design

    Single aseptic packaging, using flexible economy, fully conforms to the requirements of the national aseptic products,
    and reduces the rate of infection in the hospital.

    More economical and convenient to use

    In actual surgery, the lumen to be ligated and closed often appears singular. Single packaging is more economical and reasonable in use, reducing unnecessary medical expenses for patients.

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